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Cockroach Management: Cockroaches presence at the work location can severely affect the brand image of the company. We provide extensive services to control cockroach and prevent future infestations.

Fly Management: Flies can lead to food contamination and also spread diseases. Presence of flies is an indication of an unhygienic environment and can affect the reputation of your business location.

Rodent Management Services: Rodents damage electronic appliances, electrical wiring and affect food products in warehouses. We provide non-toxic ways to control rodents and keep them away from your Organization.

Termite Management: Termites can affect your interiors and increase your expenses. It is crucial that they are identified at the early stage and treated. We use approved chemicals to keep termites away from your business place.

Bed Bug Management: A major problem for companies in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism, bed bugs have to be treated on a regular basis to avoid any recurrences. Our scheduled thermal process treatment and manual inspection processes eliminate any possibility of bed bug recurrences.

Mosquito Management: Our regular vacuuming schedules, removal of water breeding bodies, larvicidal treatment and fogging methods helps in removal of mosquitoes from the workplace.

Fumigation management service: Any stored food is receptive to attacks from stored grain pests. Quarantine and fumigation process are essential for industries dealing with export of food material.

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Stored grain pest: Additional services to Warehouses include the elimination of grain pests by studying various patterns and taking up prevention mechanism. Wood borer management: Office and restaurant furniture require special protection from Wood borer. They need to observed and treated at the early stage to eliminate any damage to costly furniture. We conduct physical identification process and inject chemical to remove the pest.

Spider management: Regular inspection and vacuuming have to be done to remove the spider from the work location. JK Pest Control has scheduled processes to inspect, vacuum and remove spiders.

Fungus management: Fungus attacks mostly damp areas. It can affect the look of an office and cause respiratory damages to employees. We do a regular inspection and treat places that are prone to fungal attack.

Being one of the best commercial pest control in Noida for the Commercial purpose, JK Pest Control is an extended partner to make your work environment clean and healthy.

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